Q: My child is seven years old. Am I able to register them?


A: Yes.


Q: I am interested in registering my child with your club. Are we able to come by for a trial of the training session before registering?


A: Absolutely. You're entitled for one (1) trial session, if you've never been with us, before deciding to register with the club.

Q: When is the latest I can register my child for the term?


A: Online registration is closed the day before the third training of the term. If you wish to register your child from that point forward, and there are spaces available, please contact us at for the late registrant link.


Q: How many terms do you have throughout the year? How long is each term?


A: We offer four (4) terms throughout the year, each coinciding with the school term. On average, depending on the length of the school term, training can be between 8-10 weeks per term.


Q:  My child is older than the ages you have listed for your beginner session, but they're beginners to the sport of basketball. What class should I register them in?

A: Each grade will have a development and competition level. If you're child is a beginner, but they are older than the allowable age in the beginners class, then we will place them in the age appropriate class. And they will be then placed in the development group of the subject session.

Q: How do I know what grade level (e.g. U9, U11, U13, etc.) my child is in?

A: You can compete in that grade level as long as you do no turn the age limit during that tournament year. For example, you can compete in the U13 grade level as long as you do not turn 13 at any point during the year the competition is being held.

Q: Do you have competitions that my child can play in?

A: Yes. During each term, a competition team, in each of the respective grade levels, compete in weekly games throughout the tournament. At the end of the term, there is another competition that is open to all club members to participate in. 

Q; What do I need to bring to training?

A: You will need to bring proper training attire, mouthguard, bottled water, and proper indoor court shoes. Please note effective in Term 2 2019, all members will be required to wear a club training tee. Please contact us for further information regarding our club training tee.